As a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists since 1996, I have written many reports on a variety of tree care topics. I am frequently asked to provide monetary valuations for mature trees in landscapes.


High Quality Pruning

I offer expert tree and shrub pruning in the Novi/Northville area. I bring over 45 years of pruning experience and many hours of education and training to the work. Pruning is typically done to ANSI A300 standards.


I enjoy providing practical tree care advice to individual tree owners and groups. I am frequently asked about insect and disease problems, watering, fertilization, and other tree care needs. I am happy to do a

"tree walk" around properties to informally discuss tree care needs. I can provide referrals for other tree services such as tree removal, stump grinding, spraying, etc.


Legal Testimony/Expert Witness

I've provided legal testimony as an expert witness in a number of court rooms over the years. These have involved, among other things, valuations, tree damage and tree loss cases. 

Public Speaking

I have spoken to a variety of groups over the years including garden clubs, community groups and educational groups. My talks can vary in length and I try to be both informative and entertaining.



I have provided training to industry professionals regarding tree pruning, tree support systems and lightning protecting systems. I can also provide training to non-professionals in basic tree pruning, planting, and care.




Tree Trunk Base/Root Crown Care

Compacted and constricting soils and mulch around the base of the tree trunk can cause damage and safety concerns. This can be removed with pneumatic air spade equipment. Encircling and girdling roots can be pruned out. This often results in a dramatic improvement of tree health.